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Dukat Ltd. is committed to privacy of its website users and protects their personal information. The following Privacy Policy refers only to the activities performed on the websites owned by Dukat Company.

Collecting, keeping, and sharing personal information is done in accordance with The Law on the Protection of Personal Data BiH (Official Gazette 49/06, 76/11, 89/11). It provides protection and sharing personal information, it also prevents unauthorized access and misuse of users’ personal information.

When you are using this website we can collect data which do not identify you personally (later in the text: other data), such as date and time of your visit, your browsing the website and information about your browser. We do not connect other data with your personal data. The other data can be used and kept by Dukat Ltd. (its representatives, affiliated parties or business partners). Other information we collect could be your IP address or other information that can be collected with our web logs, cookies or other ways determined with this policy. We use other data in order to administrate and update our website and other daily business needs. Dukat Ltd. reserves the right to without any time limit process, update, reveal, or in any other way use other data. All collected data will be stored and processed as long as needed for the proper functioning of the website, but no longer than two years.

With this website, Dukat Ltd. will collect your data as follows


This website uses the technology called cookies. That is the information which is sent from our web provider to your computer (i.e. to the file of your provider) when you access our website. Bear in mind that if you block these cookies some of the features will not be functional and you will not be able to access this web page or some other web pages.

Some cookies are essential in order that this website works properly and they may be already stored on your computer. In order to install other cookies (web analytics) the consent of the user in required. By agreeing to use cookies, you agree that we can store them on your computer for a year.

This website uses following cookies

“Google Analytics” When you give your consent, the web server of the third party will install cookies on your computer in order to gain the accuracy of some statistical program. This can also show the browsing profile of our users, however, the only personal data, which this cookie has, is your anonymous IP address. These profiles are used in order to establish common browsing patterns among our users, for example, to see pages users view, which documents they made access to, which help us to maintain and improve our service.
Session cookies – While you are using our website we often need to remember your technical data while you are browsing from site to site. These technical data are used in order to improve your user experience. These session cookies do not use any data, which can identify you personally and they expire at the end of your website session.
Permanent cookies or login session cookies - When you enter our page with restricted access, we can send our cookies to your computer in order to remember your login data. This makes your browsing easier because during the next visit you do not have to enter all information again. This cookie will stay on your computer for a year. Dukat Ltd. does not allow third parties cookies to send cookies on your computer, this can be done only with our request and under our direct control, and the third party can use them and access them only with the permission from Dukat Ltd. It is possible that this website will not work properly or will not be visible to you if you decide not to accept cookies. In that case, some features, as the one that allows you to become registered user, will be unavailable.

Web Server logs

As the most websites, we automatically collect your data from the web server logs when you view some of our web pages through the host web servers. Specified data are collected with web beacons, which are used to get the browsing habits of our users. When you visit one of our websites, our web server will automatically recognize some non-personal information. For example, date and time you visited our site, the pages you visited, the referrer (the website you came from), the type of browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), the type of operating system you are using (e.g., Windows XP or Mac OS X), and the domain name and address of your Internet Service Provider. We often check web server logs to see what pages you are visiting to understand better, how our users use our website. These data are called web statistics and they help us to provide better services for you. Web logs may be used if necessary to help identify any person attempting to break into or damage our website. We may share web log information with internet provider and/or law enforcement agencies if we believe that we have evidence of a violation of computer security or related laws.

IP addresses

This website uses internet protocol IP addresses. IP address is the number assigned to your device by your Internet Provider so that you could access the Internet. It changes every time you connect to the Internet. (It is dynamic address), however, it is possible that the IP address that we remember and even the cookie we use can have data, which can be used for your identification. This happens because in some connections IP address remains the same (It is static) and can link to your computer. As we already said, IP addresses present part of the information kept in the web server memory. We use your IP address in order to make a record about the use of the website and to improve it.

Using and Revealing Information

Your data will be used in order to reply to your requests and occasionally we can use them in order to understand your needs better, and to see how to improve our website, products and services. We can use your data to contact you, offer you the information about health, our products, or services.

It is possible that we share personal information from you with our agents, affiliates, and business partners in connection with services that these individuals or legal entities are performing for or with us. The agents, affiliates, and business partners can use those data only for the providing services to Dukat Company and nothing else. We can give your data to agents, affiliates, and business collaborates who are in charge of our database, data processing and if we have to send you the information, you requested . Dukat Ltd. makes a contract with those affiliates where they have to sign their willingness to respect the safety and privacy as noted in The Law on the Protection of Personal Data BiH (Official Gazette 49/06, 76/11, 89/11). Your data can be sent to the third parties only if this sharing is connected with selling, assignation, or any other business transfer on this website when those data are relevant. In that case, from our costumer we demand to respect your data privacy according to these rules. All third parties have to respect The Law on the Protection of Personal Data BiH (Official Gazette 49/06, 76/11, 89/11). Dukat Ltd. maintains this website itself, or with the third parties in international hosting centers. It means that all data collected with this website will be automatically sent to relevant hosting centers for maintaining.


The areas for collecting your data on this website use SSl protocol for data transfer. However, to be able to use it, your browser has to support the protection by coding. Dukat Ltd. uses its own and the third parties Web Hosting centers. These Web Hosting centers protect your data with standardized firewall protection and the intrusion detection software.


This website in not intended for children under 18 years of age.

Sensitive information

This website collects and processes data which reveal racial or ethnical background, political views, religious and philosophical views, member ship in the labor union, data about your health, sexual life or criminal conviction only if you allow that and in the amount you allow or the amount needed for proper website functioning.

Third parties links

In order to provide better service this website offers you some third parties links, which can offer useful information. This Privacy Policy does not refer to those links. Dukat Ltd. is not responsible for the context of those pages and we suggest that you read Privacy Policy for those linked websites.

Individual’s Data Protection Rights

On your request, we will allow you the access to collected data, which relate to you. We will inform you about keeping your personal data, which of them we have stored and we will allow you to copy and duplicate them. We will enable listing of your personal data, which are kept and give you the list of the users that have received your data, we will provide you the information about time they were forwarded, on what ground and purpose they were sent. You will be able to access data about resources, ways, and reasons for data processing and the technical issues about data processing.

On your request we will fulfill, correct, block, or delete your personal data in the case they are incomplete, incorrect or outdated or if they are processed contrary to our terms. After receiving your request, we will inform all data users about this complement, correction, blocking or deleting. On your request at any time, we will temporary or permanently stop with collecting, processing, and using your data in previously specified purposes.

Changes to this Privacy policy

We reserve the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time; therefore, it is advisable to check it regularly to see if there were some changes to the Agreement with the current terms about collecting and processing personal data. You are aware that Dukat Ltd. voluntarily processes and collects personal data. By using this website, you agree with our privacy policy and give your content for collecting and processing your personal data. If you do not agree with any of these terms in this privacy statement, please do not use this site. If you do not agree to our terms of collecting and processing your data Dukat Ltd will not be able to provide you services on this website and you will not be able to access its web content.


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